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Follow Me: Living the Sayings of Jesus – Sacristy Press 2017 £7.99

Follow Me - cover‘Follow me’ explores what it means to live the saying of Jesus today.  It is based on statements in the gospels which set out what anyone needs to do if they are serious about being one of Jesus’ followers.  These are grouped under eight themes: acts of loving service, the commandment to love, prayer, money, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, mission and the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

The book uses true stories to bring us closer to the bible texts and draws connections between what Jesus said and how we live today in all its messiness and complexity. Each chapter ends with a series of questions for private or group reflection and a prayer.

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Prayers for All Occasions – SPCK 2011 £9.99

prayersalloccasions‘Prayers for all occasions’ is a collection of original prayers written in a contemporary style. The book is divided into eight sections to provide a loose wrapping for the contents.

‘Through the year’ covers the Christian year from Advent to the Feast of Christ the King. ‘Church and Ministry’ holds the prayers that broadly fall into church use or refer to the Church’s concerns and ministry matters. The doors are opened more widely with ‘Pastoral Prayers’, which respond to human living. Community brings together the worlds of education and work, volunteering and daily living. It is followed by ‘Government and Justice’, which offers prayers for all involved in power relationships. ‘Home and family life’ collects together prayers of blessing on homes, covenanted relationships and parenting. The prayers for ‘Food and Hospitality’ offer graces and thanksgivings. The book ends with ‘Devotional prayers’.

All of the prayers are fully indexed.

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Intercessions for Years A, B & C – SPCK 2009 £10.99

Intercessions for Years A B and C‘Intercessions for Years A, B & C’ is a collection of prayers to accompany the Church of England Common Worship Lectionary.  These follow the three-year cycle of readings with each year centred on one of the first three Gospels (Year A – Matthew; Year B – Mark; Year C – Luke) with John being used at key moments and to fill up certain spaces.

These prayers draw heavily on the Gospels, but also on the Old Testament, Psalms and Epistle readings, especially where common themes emerge. The Gospel provides the lens through which the other readings are seen.

In the main the prayers are compatible with the traditional pattern of praying for the Church, political governance and world concerns, the neighbourhood and local community, those who are sick or in special need and the deceased.  Each petition includes a focussing bidding, followed by some dots (…) to encourage those using them to include topical and specific intentions.  A gathering sentence draws the praying together before a responsory.

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Intercessions for the Calendar of Saints & Holy Days – SPCK 2005 £9.99

calendar-of-saints-cover‘Intercessions for the Calendar of Saints & Holy Days’ is a collection of prayers to accompany the Church of England Common Worship Calendar of Saints and Holy Days.  There are intercessions for every Principal Feast and Festival, with sets to cover each of the  ‘headings’ for the lesser festivals and commemorations, as well as other occasions such as Harvest Festival and times of bereavement.

There is also an appendix to cover the Anti-slavery designation following the change made to William Wilberforce in 2010 and this is available as a download here. This was first published in the Church Times 23rd July 2010.

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Stations of the Cross & Resurrection – online 2008 Free


Peterborough Cathedral

Walking the way of the cross has been an established part of Christian devotion for centuries. Beginning with Christian pilgrims from early days tracing the steps of Jesus’ final moments in Jerusalem, the practice was brought home and grew in popularity, particularly among those who could not make the journey. In the latter part of the fourteenth century the Franciscans, who looked after the holy places in Jerusalem, erected tableaux to aid devotion, a practice that is now commonplace in many churches.

These Stations follow those set out in the Church of England’s Common Worship provision for the Church’s Year in Times and Seasons. There are three sets: the traditional set, a biblical set and stations of the resurrection. The bible readings are those provided by Times and Seasons, though Times and Seasons does not provide for the Traditional set, so I have chosen readings to match these. The prayers at the end of each Station have been specially written and are deliberately simple in style. This offers an alternative to those in Times and Seasons, similar to the difference between the Collects and Alternative Collects.

The Twelve Days of Christmas – online 2007 Free

An imaginative reading of the well-known Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. This gives a Christian interpretation of each of the gifts for each of the days. It is based on an internet myth, the origin of the song being somewhat different, but it works!



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