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Stat Crux Dum Volvitur Orbis

Suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the nave of Peterborough Cathedral hangs Frank Roper’s ‘Crucifixion’. It is a commanding and striking presence in the cathedral. It is fifteen feet high and weighs more than half a ton. The … Continue reading

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Trinity: balancing wonky views of God

Today is Trinity Sunday. This is the day we think about our doctrine of God – that is the distinctly Christian way of talking about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It crops up everywhere because it is so … Continue reading

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Must Farm Bronze Age Settlement

Exciting discoveries are being made near Peterborough at Must Farm. A bronze age settlement has been discovered in the silt of the old river course. Archaeologists from Cambridge University are revealing a wealth of brilliantly preserved artefacts.  It appears the … Continue reading


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Making Jesus known through prayer

What do you expect to happen when you pray? Do you see it as a form of magic, get the words right, make a bargain with God, and then good fortune will come; our plans will be fulfilled? Do you … Continue reading

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Light shown through love

One of the problems with how we tend to read the Bible in our worship is that we chop up the text and present it as if it is an isolated piece of wisdom out of context. It isn’t of … Continue reading

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