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Unity & the Anglican Communion: we belong together, whatever

I am here this morning with two hats on. Clearly I’m one of the resident clergy in this cathedral and preach regularly. But through the mysterious auspices of Churches Together I am here today as a pulpit swap for the … Continue reading

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Water, wine, wedding

Water, wine, wedding banquets; these all have powerful resonance in the Bible. Water is the primordial stuff, which is separated at the creation right at the beginning of the book of Genesis (chapter 1).   It is a gut feeling that … Continue reading

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Families can be abusive

Family allusions for the church work great when they focus on belonging and the closeness of affinity. We belong to one another and any breaking of that unity is a fracture in who we are. This was the message of … Continue reading

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Wise men, the star & their gifts

The story of the magi is evocative and full of resonance. Their incredible journey following a star, their getting the address wrong then eventually finding the child and opening their treasure chests to offer their exotic gifts of gold, frankincense … Continue reading


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