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Entering the (Galli)Fray over Dr Who!

It is now official, the long awaited news for fans of the cult TV series, Doctor Who, the new Doctor is to be played by Jodie Whittaker.  She will be the first woman to play the role and it is … Continue reading

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Prayer before a Mystery Play

We live in a visual age.  Drama, images and story-telling speak to us through all forms of media. Live theatre has a particular enchantment for exciting the imagination as it draws us into the story, as if present within it. … Continue reading

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Being present: listening deeply and responding

I am a fan of the radio and tend to have it on throughout the day. Often, though, it is just a background wash to whatever else I am doing and I don’t really pay attention to what is on … Continue reading

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Peter Ball case review – Righteousness, Integrity and Safeguarding

Every now and then there is a debate about whether someone’s private life is relevant for holding public office. Does how they behave behind the scenes, as it were, matter for the job they have to do in public? The … Continue reading

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