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A narrative of hope: the treasure we share in the public square

Many people have found this a difficult week. The terror attack in Manchester on Monday, which killed 22 people, the youngest of which was just 8 years old, has shocked, appalled and deeply disturbed practically everyone. No one I have … Continue reading

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Silence for Manchester

Today (25th May) is the feast of the Ascension and the beginning of the Thy Kingdom Come wave of prayer.  It is a day to be reminded that this is God’s world and we can have complete trust and confidence … Continue reading

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Praying for Manchester

Today (Tuesday 23rd May) I led prayers at a vigil in Peterborough city centre for those affected by the bomb attack in Manchester yesterday (Monday 22nd May). No one I have spoken to today has not been affected and deeply … Continue reading

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Thy Kingdom Come: Pledge to Pray

There is a longstanding tradition of seeing the days between the Feasts of Christ’s Ascension and the Day of Pentecost as a time of prayer looking forward to the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is a time of watching … Continue reading

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Never give up on you: Eurovision and trusting the way of Christ

Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest last night? Are you one of the millions who call friends round, with a few bottles, and sit down in front of the telly for a fest of, well, something that is in … Continue reading

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Vocation Sunday: affirming the sacred in human life

There is a challenge, which I find particularly hard to do. It is to see if you can reduce your job, or any role you have, down to just a few words. I find it hard because there are so … Continue reading

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