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Easter Triumph, Easter Joy – Changes Everything and Completes Creation

It is dark. Jesus has been in the tomb for over 24 hours now, wrapped in his grave-clothes. The sabbath is finally over and preparations can be made to visit his grave at first light to complete the acts of … Continue reading

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Beware on Good Friday: God sides with the vulnerable

Which words stood out for you as we read John’s account of the final moments of Jesus’ life – his trial before Pilate, condemnation and immediate crucifixion and burial? At the moment one phrase seems particularly relevant, Pilate’s question ‘what … Continue reading


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Was the Vineyard Owner Non-Dom?

Our second reading (Luke 20:9-19) gave us a wealthy landowner whose affairs appear to be complex. We are not told if he was resident in the hypothetical place the story is set, or whether he had non-domiciled status – his … Continue reading

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Invisible, Radiant and Prominent – The Newport Rood

At the end of lockdown in 2020, the new Rood was installed at the entrance to the chancel arch. This striking modern work of art by the Singaporean artist Tay Swee Siong, is made from wire and hangs near the … Continue reading

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